Letting go...

I've had to pullout of an Exhibition.

It's the first time I've done it.  Usually no matter how tight time gets I manage to finish.  And believe me when I say I have pulled some extremely long days to get pieces finished and delivered on time.

It's a weird feeling.   

Pulling out of this Exhibition is a big deal for me.

I have stopped because I am worried I will damage my back by working too many long hours and not getting the rest or sleep I need.  I keep thinking of my family commitments and can't figure out how to do all of those and fit in all of the stitching I need to do to finish this piece.  It just won't fit.  I have to decide between them.  My family and I come first.

I am disappointed as I have been planing this piece for over a year.  I have already invested multiple ten hour days in stitching it but I can not see how I can finish it in the time available.  It was also a major effort getting the materials for this piece because of Covid 19 and the impact this had on our postal system.  

I will finish it, just not in time for this Exhibition.  I need the embroidery frame for a future project and fear taking it off incomplete would ruin it as I will be unable to get the tension back and it will not stitch evenly.  At present I am planning on finishing it and exhibiting it at my local Guild's Exhibition in November instead.

Of course since I have stopped this piece I have come up with a few more pieces I would love to stitch.  Time for some more researching, drawing and playing around now. 

I've got a few ideas in the pipeline in the moment which I hope to share with you soon.  I'm off to refine my time management strategies and finish up my new plans - exciting!

Happy Stitching.

Here are some sneak peeks of my silks and stitching area but I won't show you my piece until it is finished and exhibited.