February Adventures!

Wow, February already.
The children have started back at school and I am in full swing with my Embroidery duties both personal and as a Committee member at my local Guild.

Of course it was the school holidays and we had visitors for a week which was great fun, but it meant I didn't complete as much as I'd wished to.  We went on some fabulous family excursions around our beautiful city of Dunedin.

These are some of the places we visited...

Tunnel Beach...

Looking back at Tunnel Beach - it's a bit of a hike to get there, but worth the effort
Down through the tunnel for the access to the beach which was put in by some settlers so they had private access to the beach

Looking towards the cliffs

Views along the coast north towards Dunedin city

Otago Museum

Releasing the newly hatched butterflies

Holding the butterflies


Tuhura - Children's Education Centre and all round fun place to hang out and try lots of  Science-y stuff

Three kidlets playing with the heat sensor movement projector

Tomahawk Beach...

The Royal Albatross Centre - we also saw seals and there is a Penguin viewing/nesting area here too.
Different sizes of the chicks, they're heavy too!

Three little criminals in an historic prison 

I was fortunate to see one of the magnificent Royal Albatross flying around.

 Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Chinese Gardens

Dragon Dance

Spectacular Fireworks & Light Show

I promise the next post will be more about Embroidery, I'll show you what I actually got finished!